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The California Community Colleges Classified Senate (4CS) is an all-volunteer, non-profit Section 501(c)(3), public benefit organization, and receives no direct funding from the state. It is through our membership and donations that we can better serve the Community College System of California, our Classified Senates and Students.

In order to appropriately acknowledge those who support 4CS, we have established a variety of membership and donation levels, one of which may be right for you. All of these levels will provide financial support for 4CS and demonstrate an overall endorsement of the 4CS Mission.
Level III Membership (This can be paid by a senate, multi-colleges district jointly or the district):
Amount: $500

  • This opportunity includes: the district name highlighted on the 4CS website, Facebook and Instagram pages during the fiscal year (July 20xx – June 20xx) in which payment was paid.
  • Use of the 4CS member survey monkey program during that fiscal year.
  • $10 off registration for any Gathering of the Senates for up to six (6) senate members during the fiscal year.
  • $10 off registration for the Senate President or designee attending the President’s Retreat during the fiscal year.
  • $20 off registration for the annual Classified Leadership Institute for up to five (5) senate members during the fiscal year.

To download the form and mail in payment, Level III Membership Form.