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Nomination Procedures
Those interested in serving on the 4CS Board of Directors are encouraged to self-nominate by submitting the “4CS Letter of Intent” form. By completing and submitting this form, the candidate declares their interest and qualifications to serve on the 4CS Board of Directors and enters into the election process. Descriptions of Board duties and responsibilities, additional election rules, and associated procedures can be found in Article IV of the 4CS Bylaws and on the 4CS Website (

The “4CS Letter of Intent” form must be submitted to 4CS by the established deadline (see “Elections Timetable”). One “4CS Letter of Intent” accepted per candidate per election cycle. It must be sent via google form during the nomination period. To be accepted as a valid nomination the “4CS Letter of Intent” must be fully completed and signed by the candidate.

A confirmation (via email) will be sent to the candidate upon receipt of your “4CS Letter of Intent”.

Executive Officers: Candidate Qualifications
Each candidate for election to the 4CS Executive Board shall be a current classified professional member from a 4CS General Member college or district (one with a member-classified senate). All candidates for election to the President, President-Elect, any Regional Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer executive officer positions must be active members of the current 4CS Board of Directors.

The Communications Officer is an executive officer position that also serves as an open entry position for new members interested in serving on the Board of Directors.

Area Representatives: Candidate Qualifications
Each candidate for election to the 4CS Executive Board shall be a current classified professional member from a 4CS General Member college or district (one with a member-classified senate). Candidates DO NOT need to be in the geographical areas to serve as an area representative.

Election Rules
All candidates must meet Candidate Qualifications as described in AP 3115. It shall be the responsibility of the Elections Taskforce to verify that these conditions have been met.
Any candidate who runs unopposed will be declared elected by acclamation to the position. Should more than one qualified candidate submit a letter of intent by the deadline, a formal runoff election will be held.

The Elections Taskforce shall maintain nominations and election procedures and conduct the 4CS elections.

Delegate Process
If an election is needed, we will request local classified senate leaders complete and submit the 4CS Classified Senate Delegate Form.
The 4CS Classified Senate Delegate Forms can be submitted PRIOR TO VOTING to 4CS by any of these methods:
1.Email (preferred method):
2.Google form: Delegate form link

One Delegate Form will be accepted per General Member Senate. 4CS General Member Election Ballots will only be sent to the authorized and approved Senate Delegate.

To ensure current 4CS membership standing, we recommend sending a copy of your Senate’s most recent Constitution and/or Bylaws to your area representative. Your documents must
demonstrate that your organization is the participatory governance body chosen by the classified staff at your college or district.


Actions / Items Deadlines
Notification of Election and Open Positions March
(twelve weeks prior CLI)
Letter of Intent Submission Deadline: April (eight weeks prior)
Area Representative Candidates and Senates Notified of Potential Need for an Election May (six weeks prior)
Area Senates Receive Election Materials, as needed. May (five weeks prior)
Area Senates Vote and Submit Ballots to 4CS Nominations and Elections Coordinator May (two weeks prior)
4CS Elections are Certify, notifications to Senates of Election Results June (CLI)

*Please note: If these deadlines need to be revised or extended for any reason, notice and revised deadlines will be posted on the 4CS Web site: Please check the 4CS Web site for the most current information.

*Senates – are defined as the designated participatory or shared governance body for classified at the local level (i.e. associations, councils, classified organizations, Coordinators, etc.)

**Delegate – Each local general member senate shall appoint a representative, hereinafter called “Delegate”, who shall represent that member senate at the 4CS General Session. Delegates must be currently employed as a California Community College Classified Professional. Delegates shall have full voting rights as described in the 4CS Bylaws and shall have the responsibility of being a liaison between the local member senate, the Area Representative, and the 4CS.