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young woman scanning books in the library

Vision: Where we are going

  • Provide avenues for success and development.
  • Ensure participatory governance for Classified Professionals throughout the California Community College System, including the Consultation Council.
  • Promote shared mutual respect among the students, faculty, administration, and classified professionals.
  • Continuously seeking out new & adaptive technology to facilitate classified professionals working smarter rather than harder.

Values: What is important to the organization

  • Dynamic Support of Student Success Efforts (statewide) – support services that foster a climate of inquiry and promote seamless and accessible evidence-based decision-making.
  • Acknowledge & Value – input from all classified professionals and help to develop various points of view into effective solution steps.
  • Support and Collaborate with statewide leaders to actively develop community.
  • Organizational Responsibility – commits to the protection, management, and responsible use of 4CSs resources.