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4CS General Membership is open to those classified governance bodies established by classified professionals at the various colleges and districts as stated in the 4CS Bylaws. It has traditionally been left up to the classified professionals at each site to determine its own structure, representation and governance roles. After the classified professionals at that college or district has appropriately ratified the classified governance body, commonly known as a Classified Senate, it can contact 4CS to request official recognition by becoming a General Member. The senate can become a member of 4CS by simply emailing a copy of its constitution (and bylaws, if in existence) to 4CS at As the senate makes revisions to its constitution or bylaws, update copies should be sent to 4CS after the revisions are ratified.

4CS has traditionally held the right to verify that the requesting body is indeed representative of the local classified professionals prior to granting full “General Membership” status. General Membership status includes voting responsibilities and rights to have its individual members run for elected office as stated in the 4CS Bylaws and Letter of Intent form.