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Strategic Plan 2022
Refresh Cycle – mid-point review due January 2024. Regular first cycle due September 2026

Foundational Elements
of California Community Colleges Classified Senate (4CS)

Values (What is Important to the Organization)
Dynamic support of student success efforts (statewide) – Support services that foster a climate of inquiry & promotes seamless & accessible evident based decision-making.
Acknowledge & value input from all classified professionals and help to develop various points of view into effective solution steps.
Support & collaborate with statewide leaders to actively develop community.
Organizational responsibility: Commit to the protection, management, & responsible use of 4CS resources.

Vision (Where We Are Going)
Provide avenues for success & development
Ensure participatory governance for classified professionals throughout the CCC system including the Consultation Council.
Promote shared mutual respect among students, faculty, administrators, and classified professionals.
Continuously seeking out new & adaptive technology to facilitate classified professionals working smarter rather than harder.

Mission (What We Do)
We recognize & value the classified senates’ insight and support of student success, and advocate for inclusion in governance and active participation in professional development.

Develop and share best practices that support student success
Give input into policies affecting the California Community College system
Increase 4CS participation in other statewide professional organizations
Continuing, ongoing 4CS board member training and engagement
Maintain Fiscal Stability
Maintain the number of active classified senates
Engage Community & Statewide leaders to 4CS events/meetings
Annual Report
Maintain How-To Guides once developed
Recognized as the statewide group representing classified professionals on non-bargaining issues

Short Term (1-2 years)
Adopt a 4CS 9 + 1
Support student success & engagement via Caring Campus oversight
Engagement Plan for Community Partnerships – at their level (develop takeaways)
Recruitment to fill 4CS board vacancy
Evaluate data collection strategies to inform future ongoing planning/assessment cycles (area reports)
Teach 4CS Board Fiscal Practices
Create organizational transparency (how to share)
Increase the number of active classified senates
Develop How-To Guides
Rename and Expand Speakers Bureau
Evaluate current professional development needs

Long Term (3-5 years)
Develop a comprehensive professional development plan
Develop Community College Classified Leadership Academy (3CLA) 2.0
Modify Ed Code to include 4CS