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Strategic Plan 2022
Refresh Cycle – mid-point review due January 2024. Regular first cycle due September 2026

Foundational Elements
of California Community Colleges Classified Senate (4CS)

Values (What is Important to the Organization)
Acknowledge & value input from all classified professionals and help to develop various points of view into effective solution steps.
Support & collaborate with statewide leaders to actively develop community.
Organizational responsibility: Commit to the protection, management, & responsible use of 4CS resources.
Dynamic support of student success efforts (statewide)- support services that foster a climate of inquiry & promotes seamless & accessible evidence-based decision-making.

Vision (Where We Are Going)
Provide avenues for success & development
Ensure participatory governance for classified professionals throughout the CCC system including the Consultation Council.
Promote shared mutual respect among students, faculty, administrators, and classified professionals.
Continuously seeking out new & adaptive technology to facilitate classified professionals working smarter rather than harder.

Mission (What We Do)
We recognize & value the classified senates’ insight, & advocate for inclusion in governance and active participation in professional development.

Annual Report
Maintain Fiscal Stability
Continuing, ongoing 4CS board member training and engagement
Maintain How-To Guides once developed
Maintain the number of active classified senates
Invite Community & Statewide leaders to 4CS events/meetings
Increase 4CS participation in other statewide professional organizations
Give input into policies affecting the California Community College system

Short Term (1-2 years)
Adopt a 4CS 9 + 1
Engagement Plan for Community Partnerships
Recruitment to fill 4CS board vacancy
Evaluate data collection strategies to inform future ongoing planning/assessment cycles (area reports)
Teach 4CS Board Fiscal Practices
Create organizational transparency (how to share)
Increase the number of active classified senates
Develop How-To Guides
Rename and Expand Speakers Bureau
Evaluate current professional development needs

Long Term (3-5 years)
Develop a comprehensive professional development plan
Develop Community College Classified Leadership Academy (3CLA) 2.0
Modify Ed Code to include 4CS