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4CS Speaker’s Bureau

The 4CS Speakers Bureau is a service of the California Community Colleges Classified Senate. The Speakers Bureau connects you with a network of community college leaders who can provide a variety of presentations and facilitate workshops.

Our speakers and workshop leaders are current or past classified professionals of the California Community College System who have years of direct experience working with students, staff, and local districts. Each of our speakers has extensive and direct experiences working with community college participatory governance and closely related topics. Many of our workshops are designed to assist you in discovering your own potential and solutions by providing a structure for effective communication and by sharing ideas from across the state.

4CS speakers and workshops will bring new ideas and possibilities to your campus and groups, ideas that you can successfully adapt to your local needs and situations.

4CS Speakers, Presentations, and Workshops

A variety of speakers, facilitators, presentations, and workshops are available. If you do not find what you want, we can work together to plan something different that meets your specific needs. We offer traditional presentations, multi-media illustrated presentations, panel and roundtable workshops, and a variety of other informal guided discussions and problem-solving sessions. We can also assist or train your group to present their own workshops and presentations. Although our topics are mostly associated with governance, personal development, and leadership, other non-collective bargaining topics can be requested, such as technology and communication training. We will search our members with significant expertise on the topic that you have requested.

Many of our presenters are 4CS Board of Directors and Associates. They have successfully planned and given training seminars, flex workshops, and presentations at local community college events, Community College League of California’s Annual Convention, Classified Leadership Institute, the 4CSD Annual Conference, and various other conferences, meetings, and retreats.

Planning for Your Presentation

After reading the offerings in the 4CS Speakers Bureau link below, please feel free to contact us directly for the most recent information. Contact 4CS for any specific requests or modifications of existing presentations that might meet the needs of your special event. Our goal is to provide you with quality assistance and services as you plan your retreat, flex activities or meetings.

Many of our speakers are classified professionals currently working at one of California’s Community Colleges and serving on various local governance committees. Please remember as you schedule your speaker or workshop leader, that our speakers are volunteering on behalf of 4CS to provide this service to you. Although it is our intent to meet your needs, the speaker’s availability is subject to their daily schedules, personal calendars, and work obligations. Please be understanding as we work together and try to meet your specific requests.

Although the Speakers Bureau is a service of 4CS, 4CS receives no direct funding from the state budget and relies partially on various fundraising activities that enable us to perform our mission. Your organization or group will be asked to pay an honorarium to 4CS for this service and to pay for any travel or lodging cost, if needed, to come to your event. At times, we may need to switch speakers or leaders if unforeseen events prevent the requested speaker from attending. If this were to happen, we would notify you of the change and find an appropriate speaker from the Bureau that is experienced with the topic or workshop that was scheduled. Rather than establish set fees for our speakers and workshop leaders, we prefer to work with you to establish a fair, reasonable, and economically feasible rate for the services you are asking to receive.

In our efforts to provide and tailor our presentations to your needs, we will contact you to discuss in detail your request to make the necessary arrangements when you send in the speaker request form. If you have questions at any time, feel free to contact us.

4CS Speaker Request Form

Presentation Topics (Note: we most often create presentations to meet your needs)

Thank you for your interest in the 4CS Speakers Bureau and for requesting our speakers for your next event.