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4CS Board of Directors - 2021-2022

The 4CS Board of Directors, which includes 4CS Executive Officers, Area Representatives, President Emeriti, and Associates, are also known as the 4CS Executive Board of the California Community Colleges Classified Senate (4CS).

The Board consist of California Community College Classified Staff (current and retired) elected by 4CS General Member classified senates, to serve and promote the interests of 4CS and its Classified Senate* Members, and to the best of their abilities, manage and oversee the business and affairs of the 4CS corporation in accordance with the current 4CS Bylaws, Vision and Mission.

Executive Officers

Trisha Albertsen

Trisha Albertsen President 2021-2023

Karen Jimenez

Karen Jimenez Past President 2021-2022

Susan Rodriguez

Susan Rodriguez Vice President 2021-2023

Deborah Knowles

Deborah Knowles Vice President 2021-2022

Karen Hunter

Karen Hunter Secretary 2020-2022

Karen Hunter

Kimberly Duong Treasurer 2021-2023

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Vacant Communications Officer

Felisia Mitchell

Felisia Mitchell Vice President 2021-2022

Area Representatives

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Area A

Kathy Matthies

Area B2021-2022Kathy Matthies

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Tyler WyckoffArea C 2021-2023

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Area D

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Area E

David Rodriguez

David Rodriguez Area F 2021-23

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Area G

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Area H

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Area I

Amparo Medina

Area J 2021-2023Amparo Medina

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Area K

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Area L

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Area M

Hope Ell

Hope Ell Area N 2021-23

Therese Grande

Therese Grande Area O 2020-22

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Area P

Donney Cummins

Donney Cummins Area Q 2021-23

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Area R


My Loi

My Loi General Advisor [Southeast 3]

Linda Allen

Linda Allen Grants Legislative Awareness 2021-2022

Tony Novelli

Tony Novelli Website advisor 2021-2022

Ernie Garcia

Ernie Garcia Facebook Elections 2021-2022

President Emeriti

Shondra West

Shondra West Past President 2017-2019

Debbie Weatherly

Debbie Weatherly President 2015-2017

Maureen Chenoweth

Maureen Chenoweth President 2013-2015

Monica Souza

Monica Souza President 2007-2009

Tony Prestby

Tony Prestby President 2003-2005

Cari Plyley

Cari Plyley President 2001-2003

Jim Wilson

Jim Wilson President 1999-2001

Mary Thompson

Mary Thompson President 1994-1999