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CCLC Annual Convention – November

The Community College League of California is pleased to announce their Annual Convention will be presented in November. The Annual Convention is the state’s premier professional development conference for California Community College leadership to share ideas, promising practices, and approaches to significant issues confronting our institutions. For additional information, click here: CCLC Annual Convention

Annual Legislative Conference – January

The League’s Annual Legislative Conference provides an opportunity for California Community College advocates to connect and meet with members of the State Legislature at the start of the advocacy season. We invite you to join us in Sacramento every year. This conference includes discussions surrounding hot topic legislative issues that provide a chance for colleges and districts to engage with legislators. For additional information, click here: Annual Legislative Conference

4CSD Annual Conference – March

The California Community College Council for Staff Development is an organization that provides training resources and networking opportunities for staff development professionals of the California community colleges.

4CSD promotes leadership in staff and program development; provides education for staff developers regarding the principles of staff development; provides training in developing, implementing, and evaluating effective staff development programs; and provides regional and statewide workshops and conferences. For additional information, click here: 4CSD Annual Conference