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Donney Cummins

Donney Cummins
Southeast Area 1 Representative

Hi y’all my name is Donney Cummins,

I have been working in the community college system for 8 years, all at MiraCosta College. I am going on my 5th year in my current role as a Student Service Specialist in Counseling. Prior to that I worked as a Peer Advisor in the Veterans Information Center here on campus. I am a product of the community college system for sure, and I must say it saved my life in many ways. I am a veteran, volunteer, a dad, sports enthusiast, a leader, and a huge advocate for students and classified employees. I have been very involved with our Classified Senate here on campus. Furthermore I have attended 2 CLI Conferences, they have made me realize things that can help our classified be a stronger voice on campus. I have also seen firsthand what coming together can do in the community college setting and strive daily to make stronger connections with all on campus. I look forward to working with 4CS board members, not only for my personal growth, but to also bring new ideas to the table to strengthen Classified Senates across the state. If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to me. With that being said I leave you with a quote from the Hall of Fame linebacker Jr Seau’s mom always says to folks “Go out and make happy,” And I strive to do this daily in a someone’s life including my own.