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    Election Information & Forms

4CS Elections for the Board of Directors: June 2019

Two Year Terms

Officer Positions 
    North Vice President* and Treasurer*
(*position open to current members of the 4CS Executive Board)

Area Representative Positions 
North 2, North 3, Bay 2, Central 1, Central 3, Southeast 1, Southeast 3, Southwest 2

One Year Terms: (These are vacancy replacements, which are anticipated due to unfilled positions

Area Representative Positions 
    North 1, Central 2, Southwest 1 

Dear Classified Staff Members, Classified Senate Presidents / Classified Community College Leaders,

At the next 4CS Business Meeting in June, we anticipate conducting elections for open 4CS Officer positions and swearing-in all newly elected 4CS Board candidates.  Between now and then, elections for open 4CS Area Representative positions will be held, as needed. With this letter, the 4CS Nominations and Elections Committee is recruiting new Executive Board members for the next terms, starting in June.  Candidate qualifications, positions open and election procedures are available on the 4CS Website ( and by email notice to our General Members (Classified Senates).  The election process will reach completion at the 4CS General Business Meeting, held during the Annual Classified Leadership Institute (CLI).

If you or someone you know is interested in running for open 4CS Executive Board (Board of Directors) positions, please fill out the “Letter of Intent” and required materials, submitting them by the published deadlines. Only currently employed classified staff from 4CS General Member colleges or districts will qualify. The appropriate forms and information concerning the upcoming elections can be obtained via the 4CS Website, from any 4CS Area Representative, and/or through our General Members.  The election documents of importance include (1) a copy of this letter, (2) the current “4CS Regions and Areas List”, (3) the “Classified Senate Delegate Form”, (4) the “Open Board Positions, Election Deadlines & Procedures” notice, and (5) the “4CS Letter of Intent” form.  Additional information about 4CS and serving on the Board is available via the Website and though its members.

If you are considering running for a board position, it is a position that requires commitment and dedication.  The 4CS Executive Board has at least four regularly scheduled meetings a year at various locations within the state. In addition, there is one General Business Meeting each year, held during Classified Leadership Institute.  All meetings are important and do require the board member’s participation.  Due to budget restrictions on travel funding, 4CS cannot fund all of your participation by itself, although limited assistance is now available. Information on the duties and responsibilities of the positions can be obtained from the Website or from current members of the board.

The position, itself, is a most rewarding one.  You meet and work with talented classified, faculty, administrative and legislative individuals throughout the State of California to improve the California Community Colleges System for our students and communities.  You will have the opportunity to promote excellence and communications among the classified staff of the California Community Colleges, helping others with similar interests to build a healthy and effective higher educational system.  The position is exciting, challenging, fun and as diverse as you make it, as well as a lot of work.

If you meet the minimum qualifications and would like to serve on the 4CS Board, please consider this an invitation. The previous members of the Board have enjoyed their involvement on the 4CS Board and continue to remain positive about the future of 4CS.  Please do not hesitate to contact any current member of the 4CS Executive Board for more information.

Thank you for your interest.

    4CS  Board of Directors  

Terms start in June, 2018, following the 4CS Business Meeting on the last day of the Classified Leadership Institute. Please contact 4CS questions or for the most current information, updates, deadline information and forms as needed. Any changes to these anticipated open positions for June elections will be posted on this 4CS Web site.