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4CS Board Bios

Karen Smith

Karen Smith
Associate 2015-2016
North Vice President 2014-2015
Bay 2 Area Representative 2008-2015
Foothill Community College

I have worked at Foothill College for nearly eleven years. I am a Classified Staff member working as a Senior Library Technician. I became involved as a Classified Staff segment representative for the Instruction and Technology Area and held that position for 2 years. I fielded questions from Senate Meetings, and shared meeting minutes with all Classified Staff in that area. I served as a Classified Staff alternate representative on the Chancellor’s Advisory Committee and reported back to the Senate on their meetings. I am serving on Foothill’s Roundtable as a representative of the Sustainability Committee. I serve on the Sustainability Committee and am one of the core members writing the college’s sustainable management plan. I am also advisor for the Environmental Club. I have taken students to Sustainability events on a National level in Raleigh, North Carolina. Working collaboratively with Faculty, Administration and Classified staff, several visible green initiatives have successfully been implemented at Foothill and are in action today. I have given slide presentations to executive boards, open houses, division meetings, governance boards and CLI, promoting sustainable cooperatives with all factions of Foothill College. I have served on the Districts Benefits Committee, along with their Wellness Committee as a negotiations team member for our local Union. We have made recommendations and supported many successful Wellness activities for all Classified Staff. Biometrics screening has in several cases, sent people seeking immediate medical attention after exceptionally high, dangerous blood pressures were detected, or when high cholesterol and sugar levels were documented. I look to see where Classified Staff is able to promote and encourage equal governance across the board of all decision making processes, as allowed by law.