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4CS Board Bios

Karen Martin

Karen Martin
Past President
Irvine Valley College

I am the Development Associate for the Irvine Valley College Foundation. I joined the board of 4CS in 2013 serving first as an area representative then as South Vice President. After spending nearly a decade working at Irvine Valley College and having served as Classified Senate President (2015-2017), I have experienced similar challenges that are faced by so many of our members and their senates. My involvement with 4CS has enabled me to receive advice from members from across the state which helps me thrive through demanding moments. I believe our roles as campus leaders are more important than ever. I am inspired by the openness members have to sharing ideas and helping each other. I try my best to reciprocate the energy that 4CS members give me! I share my home with my husband, Bridger, two cats, and a (unintentioned) collection of sloths!