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4CS Board Bios

Deborah Knowles

Deborah Knowles
4CS Region 3 Vice President
Sacramento City College

As a former participant in California community colleges, Deborah Knowles holds dear the value of education to positively impact lives, and makes a mindful choice to work in community colleges (since 2007). She holds a master’s degree in Career Development, a bachelor’s degree in Psychology (with a minor in Family Development a thematic in Women’s Issues), and an associates’s degree in dramatic Art (President’s List). Deborah currently works as the Student Leadership & Development Advisor at Sacramento City College. She has also served in Counseling, and in Outreach. Outside of the community college system, Deborah has served as the president of a non-profit focused on helping people to overcome barriers to education and employment. She has been a career counselor, event planner, program manager, and job developer. She has rich experience in strategic planning and organizational development. Further, she has taught part-time in graduate counseling programs. One course she has taught includes grant writing. Deborah has strong grant experience, and was key in writing the first grant for 4CS. She served as the grant director, designing the content, hiring a renowned facilitator, and delivering the program. The grant was for the California Community College Leadership Academy, partnering a faculty member and an administrator with a classified professional to have a shared leadership experience. Fifty-five teams throughout the California community colleges participated. 4CS hopes to continue to tap into Deborah’s grant skills to bring more quality experiences for classified professionals.

Deborah adores her expanding family, with a fabulous spouse, two happy adult daughters with amazing spouses, and little beings added to the brood. She also loves dogs, good books, and world travel. She is always ready for a good conversation, and enjoys hearing the adventures of others, so say hi, and tell her yours.