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Debbie Weatherly

Debbie Weatherly
Past President
Santa Rosa Jr. College

Debbie Weatherly
My current position at Santa Rosa Junior College is Account Specialist in the Accounting Department.

I have been working at Santa Rosa Junior College since 2000 and became involved with Classified Senate since 2003. I served as the Vice President of our local Classified Senate for 5 years, and then became the President of the Senate for the term limit of 4 years. During my time as President for the local senate, I observed our senate go from merely existing as a vehicle to hold social events to becoming a valued part of the governance process in our district. This caused our Senate to flourish as others saw our value as classified and begin to want to be senators as well. I was told that I was so successful in bringing others on board because I actually walked the talk with my own involvement, which made it hard for others to make excuses to not participate. I choose to believe I just made it look like fun!

I then became the 4CS Bay Area 2 Representative for 2 years. I loved hearing from other districts and encouraging them about their concerns and accomplishments. Growing in my own knowledge of 4CS and how important it is that we support one another. I became President Elect in 2015 and President in 2016.

The longer I am involved in 4CS the more I realize just how wonderful classified professionals are. I am always so proud and impressed with the groups I have the privilege to represent and serve. Every campus I visit, every classified I speak with, every senate I help, reminds me of that very important fact.

I am available to you at any time to help and encourage you along the way. Please feel free to email me with any questions or concerns you may have. If I can’t answer your question I will make sure to direct you to who can.

4CS is a superb organization whose mission is all about you!