Classified Leadership Institute

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The annual Classified Leadership Institute (CLI) focuses on effective classified participation in shared governance processes, both state-wide and at the local district and college levels. Participants attending the CLI conference will explore numerous events that encourage personal development, leadership, and strong communication skills, leading toward increased confidence, enhanced professional skills, and broad-based knowledge and specific updates about our California Community Colleges. Activities include both interactive and informational sessions with ample time for networking and workshops where newly acquired skills can be utilized in a supportive environment. CLI is designed to meet the educational needs of today's California Community College Classified Staff.

CLI features a new schedule of workshops each year, including leadership development and networking opportunities to help you meet the challenges of the times and return refreshed and reenergized. When it becomes available, download the "Save The Date" Flyer to assist you in planning to attend. Need financial help to attend, classified staff are invited to apply for the CLI Scholarships offered each year. Download the application and submit it before the deadline.

Please visit the following links for specific events. Additional information for future and past events will be added as soon as it is availble. If you have pictures of previous events and would be willing to share them to 4CS, please email Jim Wilson or contact your 4CS Area Representative.


Future Events: (information about next year's CLI)


CLI 2016

2016 Classified Leadership Institute - June 16-18, 2016


Senates 101: Running a Tight Ship, Cari Plyley, 4CS President Emeritus, Butte College

Senates 102: Awakening the Promise to Leadership and Shared Governance, Shondra West

How Classified Can Promote Faculty Diversity Hiring, PPT Shawn Ledet, Thuy Nguyen

Resolution Plenary Information Session, Maureen Chenoweth

Institutional Effectiveness Partnership Initiative, Maureen Chenoweth, Hope Ell, Neill Kovrig, Theresa Rees, Matthew Lee

Accreditation, Program Review, and the Classified Professional, Hope Ell, Theresa Rees, Misty Burruel, Sherrie Guerrero, Chaffey College

Professional Development for Classified Employees, Mt. San Jacinto College

Past Events: (photos, documents and program information about previous CLI events)

2015 Classified Leadership Institute - June 2015

2014 Classified Leadership Institute

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CLI 2012 Web Page

CLI 2011 Web Page

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Outstanding Classified Awards Presentations
(Recognition of Classified Award Receipients from local colleges and districts across the state)

2012 PDF file
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The Classified Leadership Institute is jointly sponsored each year by: California Community Colleges Classified Senate (4CS) & Community College League of California (CCLC). It is currently offered in a variety of locations throughout the state.