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The California Community Colleges Classified Senate (4CS) is an all volunteer, non-profit Section 501(c)(3), public benefit organization, and receives no direct funding from the state. It is through our Supporting Membership and Sponsorship programs that we can better serve the people of California through our work with Community College System of California and our Senate membership.

In order to appropriately acknowledge your support, we have established a variety of annual funding categories and financial participation levels, one of which may be right for you. All of these categories and levels will provide financial support for 4CS and demonstrate an overall endorsement of the 4CS Mission by its members and supporters. The table below lists the minimum funding levels to qualify for each type of support and supporting membership categories.

Please take a moment to view our current "Sponsors and Supporting Members" page. Thank you for your support.


Sponsorships and Supporting Members

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    Corporate Sponsorships and Retreat Registration (Variable Amounts)

    This "Donate" button (below) allows you to use your credit card and to enter your own contribution amount rather than fixed donation increments.

    Corporate Sponsorships (Fixed Amounts)

    This "Add to Cart" button (below) allows you to choose one of our corporate sponsorship categories and use your credit card to make your donation.

    Sponsorship Categories



    Individual Sponsorships

    For your convenience, please use the "PayPal" link below for donating at any of our "Individual Sponsorships" levels.

    Individual Sponsorships

    You can either use your credit card or your PayPal account, if you have one. Thank you for supporting 4CS and please contact us if you need assistance.

    Please contact Cari Plyley, 4CS Secretary and President Emeritus at

Corporate Sponsors, please contact us for assistance as needed and to discuss additional opportunites to work together. We would enjoy talking with you and exploring options or answer any questions you may have. Please contact Cari Plyley, 4CS Secretary and President Emeritus at "".Thank you for becoming a Corporate Sponsor.

For Individual and Corporate Sponsors and Supporting Members, please download the appropriate forms, and send them directly to us so that we can appropriately recognize and confirm your contributions. Our forms listed below are in both Word and PDF formats.

Funding Categories

The 4CS Board of Directors has approved these categories, each with its minimum annual funding level. If you have questions concerning 4CS or these funding levels, please contact us for more information.

Supporting Memberships
Funding Categories: Levels:
"Senate" Level $100
"College" Level $250
"District" Level $500
Event Sponsor TBD
Corporate Sponsors
Funding Categories: Levels:
"Bronze Sponsor" $100
"Silver Sponsor" $250
"Gold Sponsor" $500
"Platinum Sponsor" $1000
Event Sponsor TBD
Individual Sponsors
Funding Categories: Levels:
"4CS Sponsor" $10
"Classified Sponsor" $50
"Governance Sponsor" $100
"Leadership Sponsor" $500

Explanation of the Categories of Financial Support

Supporting Members

If you are one of our members (Classified Senates, Councils, Associations, etc.), we invite you to become a "Supporting Member". Senates that wish to become Supporting Members can fill out the "Senate Membership form" and contact us directly for assistance as needed. Supporting Memberships are accepted and acknowledged based on a fiscal year calendar, starting on July 1 of one year, extending to June 30th of the next.

Individual Sponsors

For individuals who wish to be active supporters of 4CS, we offer a variety of specific donation levels or "Sponsorships." If you would like to donate more or provide other services, we invite you to contact us directly to discuss how we can best work together. Sponsorships are accepted and acknowledged based on a calendar year.

Corporate Sponsors

If you are interested in becoming a Corporate Sponsor of 4CS, please complete the "Corporate Sponsors Donation form", and use the convenient "Donate" or "Add to Cart" buttons to make your donation. If you prefer to donate by another method or potentially provide other services, please contacting us directly, instead. We may have other ideas of how we can work together that may be of interest to you.

Additional Information

You do not need a PayPal account to donate to us. It only takes a credit card, clicking on the PayPal link above, and a minute of your time to complete the transaction. As a safe guard that we have received and properly recorded your sponsorship donations, please take the time to download the sponsor's donation forms, and email them to us. If you do not wish to use PayPal to donate, you can mail a personal check directly (instructions on the form). Thank you for your donations to 4CS.

Thank you


If an email is provided, you will receive an end-of-year email with the total of your donations for the year.

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