4CS Standing Committees, Task Forces and
statewide committee representatives

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4CS President, President-Elect and Vice Presidents are advisory members of all 4CS standing committees and task forces.
(Updated: 8/6/18, 2018 - under construction)


Audit Committee

, Chair
Laurel Kinley
Karen Jimenez

Awards and Recognition

Justin Hunt, Chair
Noha Basilious
My Loi
Felisia Mitchell
Cari Plyley

Brown Act Task Force

Cari Plyley
Laurel Kinley
Deborah Knowles
Senate member participant

* Committee goal is to research for a position paper the requirements on 4CS and local senates in regards to the Brown Act.

Budget Committee

Treasurer: Trisha Albertsen, Chair
Secretary: Laurel Kinley
Resource Development Chair: Karen Jimenez
Audit Committee Chair: Brenda Rogers


Jim Wilson, Chair
Secretary: Laurel Kinley
Debra Cantarero
Cari Plyley

Conference Development

Trisha Albertsen, Chair
Ernie Garcia, Co-Chair
Justin Hunt, Awards Coordinator
Karen Jimenez, Resource Development Chair
Dawn Bridge, Election Coordinator
Trisha Albertsen, Registration Coordinator
, Technology Committee Coordinator
Noha Basilious, Volunteers Coordinator
Deborah Knowles, Spirit Coordinator
Susan Rodriguez, Secretary
Deborah Knowles, 4C/SD Liaison
All Past CLI Chairs
All Board Members ex-officio members


Susan Rodriguez, Chair
Linda Allen
Debra Cantarero
Krista Collett
Justin Hunt
Jim Wilson


Deborah Knowles, Chair/Director
Dawn Bridge
Laurel Kinley, Secretary
Trisha Albertsen, Treasurer

Legislative Awareness

Felisia Mitchell, Chair
Monica Souza
Debbie Weatherly

Library, History and Data Collection

Cari Plyley, Chair (COM)
Justin Hunt
Monica Souza
Jim Wilson


Karen Martin, Chair
Trisha Albertsen

Deborah Knowles
My Loi
Cari Plyley
Brenda Rogers

Nominations and Elections

Odd year: South Vice President
Even year: North Vice President
Cari Plyley
Jim Wilson

Policies and Procedures

Cari Plyley, Chair
Dawn Bridge, Co-Chair
All Committee Chairs

Public Relations

Ernie Garcia, Chair
Cherie Savage, CCLC Liaison
Krista Collett, Facebook Manager
Cari Plyley, Junior Webmaster
Felisia Mitchell, CONNECTIONS Newsletter
Karen Jimenez
Monica Souza

Jim Wilson, Webmaster

Resolutions Committee

Chair (President Elect in odd years, Past President in even years)
President Elect:
Past President: Debbie Weatherly
North Vice President: Ernie Garcia
South Vice President: Karen Jimenez
Secretary: Laurel Kinley
Justin Hunt

* Committee goal is to propose policy and procedures for collection and approval of local and statewide resolutions culminating in a resolutions plenary session at CLI.

Resource Development

Karen Jimenez, Chair
Treasurer: Trisha Albertsen
Jim Wilson
Felisia Mitchell
Susan Rodriguez


Jim Wilson, Co-Chair
Justin Hunt, Co-Chair
Webmaster: Jim Wilson
Junior Webmaster: Cari Plyley
Ernie Garcia

Commission on Senate Issues

President: Shondra West
President Elect:
Past President: Debbie Weatherly
President Emerita: Cari Plyley
President Emeritus: Tony Prestby
President Emerita: Monica Souza
President Emeritus: Jim Wilson
North Vice President: Linda Allen
South Vice President: Karen Jimenez

Senate-Union Summit Task Force

President (Co-Chair): Shondra West
President Emerita (Co-Chair): Cari Plyley
Past-President: Debbie Weatherly
President Emerita: Monica Souza
President Emeritus: Jim Wilson
North Vice President: Ernie Garcia
South Vice President: Karen Jimenez

9+1 Task Force

Vacant, Co-Chair
Dawn Bridge, Co-Chair
Debra Cantarero
Sarah Schmidt, Chaffey College


Statewide Committee Interest Application

CCLC Board of Directors
Shondra West, 4CS President
Debbie Weatherly, President Elect

CCLC Advisory Committee on Legislation
Linda Allen
2016-17 Meeting Dates & Responsibilities
League Tracked Bills
League Ballot Initiatives Webinar 2016
May Revise Budget Letter
May Budget Chart
Board Report
May Budget Update

Ad Hoc California Professional Development Advisory Committee
Debbie Weatherly

Non-Credit: Christy Figueroa-Pettis, San Diego Continuing Education
Credit: Maggie Baez, Canada College
SSSPAC Notes/Report 1/8/18
SSSPAC Agenda 11/30/15
SSSPAC Minutes 11/30/15

Student Success Advisory Board

Debbie Weatherly, 4CS President

Institutional Effectiveness

Breanne Holland, Cosumnes River College
Neill Kovrig, San Diego Continuing Education
IEPI Committe Notes 9/25/15
IEPI Full Committee Info and Notes

Leadership Roundtable

Shondra West, 4CS President
Debbie Weatherly, President Elect
February 24, 2016, Report- Karen Martin

3CSN Advisory Board

Shondra West, 4CS President

Mar 3, 2017
Assessment Committee Agenda
Meeting Report

Nov., 2016 Meeting materials
CAI Placement Model Presentation 11-16-16, John Hadad
CCC Assessment Workgroup Report 11-16-16
Update to Assessment Committee and Buros 11-16-16, Jennifer Coleman

Online Education Initiative

Dave Stephens, Butte College 2016-2018
June 2017 Report
March 2016 Report

Student Equity

Shawn Ledet,
Student Equity Report March 2016


Online College
Monica Souza, 4CS President Emeriti
Video of the Chancellor discussing the Online College.

CONSULTATION COUNCIL - Agendas and Summaries

August 18, 2018 Handout: PD support for Classified discussion (Monica Souza-see page 7)

February 15, 2018 Consultation Council Digest
January 18, 2018 Consultation Council Digest

Consultation Council Classified Representative:
CCE Representative
Thomas Hamilton, President
Long Beach Council of Classified Employees
4421 East Village Rd
Long Beach, CA 90808
(562) 938.3138
Cell:(562) 822.7144
Email: thamilton@lbcc.edu
CSEA Representative
Manuel Payan 
5372 Feather River Drive 
Stockton, CA 95219
(209) 986.0483 
Email: m_s_payan71@yahoo.com