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4CS Board Bios

Hope Ell

Hope Ell
4CS Region 3 Area N Representative
Chaffey College

Hope has worked at Chaffey College in the Office of Instruction for over 18 years. She has served on the Chaffey College Classified Senate since 2014. She began as a senator and in 2018 was appointed to the positon of Recording Officer. This year she will serve as Vice President.

Hope has a keen interest in seeing classified professionals thrive and wants to see their voices represented in their own colleges and across the state. To that end, she has participated in Chaffey’s last two accreditation cycles, once as a tri-chair, and has been elected to serve as tri-chair for Chaffey’s upcoming 2023 site visit. Over her 18 year career at Chaffey College, she has participated on numerous campus committees representing the classified voice. In addition to her work at the college, Hope is also pursuing a bachelor’s degree in communications.